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Sept-2014 – Coal Age Magazine (Prairie State mention on page 6)

REPORT: No Evidence of a Turnaround at Prairie State

Left, Right, and You radio show: Batavia businessman Joe Marconi and his attorney Mike Childress discuss the Class Action.  (show starts at 18:30)

Prairie State Coal Plant Tracker

Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

Communities that Prairie State serves

Prairie State Energy Campus Description from NIMPA’s website

08.19.2014 Press Release – Class Action Complaint to Investigate Batavia, Illinois Energy Rates

08.19.2014 Press Release – Batavia Town Hall Meeting




3.31.2015 – Hermann, Mo., sues power commissions over Prairie State coal plant

3.17.2015 – City Leaders, GRO Missouri Urge City to Reevaluate Power

3.2.2015 – Prairie State Energy Campus Breakdown puts Plant Off Line for 3 Days

2.24.2015 – Another Year of Unmet Promises for the Prairie State Energy Campus

2.20.2015 – Shivering in Paducah

2.8.2015 – Illinois Power Plant at Center of Midwest Rate Fights


12.29.2014 – Stories of the Year: Anger over Batavia Electric Hike Sparks Lawsuit

11.24.2014 – Ideas for Rate Relief from Another City Facing High Power Bills (Including an Interview with Joe Marconi and Michael Childress)

11.19.2014 – Prairie State Matters Continue to Raise Questions

11.07.2014 – Illinois Community Asks AG to Audit Prairie State’s Contracts

11.05.2014 – Batavia Calls for Investigation into Energy Plant

11.03.2014 – Batavia Aldermen ask Attorney General’s Office to Investigate Prairie State Project

10.24.2014 – Batavia Aldermen to Review Request for Prairie State Investigation

10.21.2014 – Batavia Residents Want Answers on Electric Rates

10.20.2014 – Batavia Residents Renew Call for Investigation into Electric Project

10.01.2014 – Prairie State Project Topic of Batavia Event

09.29.2014 – Prairie State Backlash Grows

09.25.2014 – Batavia Puts Power Plant Issues in the Spotlight

09.24.2014 – Batavia to Ask for Investigation from Attorney General Lisa Madigan into Prairie State Energy Campus Project

09.24.2014 – Batavia to Ask Attorney General to Investigate Prairie State Energy Campus Project

09.17.2014 – Batavia Aldermen Discuss Prairie State Energy Campus Project

08.28.2014 – Article from the Voice

08.27.2014 – Dirty Coal Blamed for High Electric Rates

08.26.2014 – Letter: It will take an investigation

08.22.2014 – Lawyer says power in numbers will help the cause

08.22.2014 – Energy lawsuit seeks 400 ratepayers to create a class action

08.22.2014 – Meeting on electric rate lawsuit draws more than 80 people in Batavia

08.20.2014 – Class Action Lawsuit Filed In IL over Electric Rates

08.20.2014 – Chicago Tribune – Class-action suit filed over Batavia energy deal

08.20.2014 – Class-action suit filed over costly electricity plant partly owned by AMP

08.19.2014 – SNL- Illinois customers file lawsuit against Prairie State coal plant over power costs

08.19.2014 – Illinois residents sue over Prairie State coal plant

08.19.2014 – Batavia businessman files lawsuit over Prairie State electric project

08.19.2014 – IEEFA Statement on Batavia class action lawsuit

08.19.2014 – Illinois residents sue over Prairie State coal plant

08.19.2014 – Batavia resident suing city over electricity plant deal

08.18.2014 – Concern In Batavia on Prairie State Costs

05.29.2014 – Generator shut at troubled Prairie State power plant

05.28.2014 – Equipment malfunction causes damage to Prairie State plant

05.22.2014 – Batavia, Geneva residents demand action on energy contract

05.20.2014 – Batavia using reserve fund to fight higher electric rate increases

03.12.2014 – Representative Timothy Schmitz asks Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to investigate Prairie State deal

03.12.2014 – Batavia considers electric rate hike to recover power plant costs

03.05.2014 – Coal-fired plant spiking some suburban electric bills Naperville and Batavia, ready to boost rates, question Prairie State promise of cheap, reliable power

02.25.2014 – Residents seek answers on Batavia electric rates


11.20.2013 – Batavia residents speak out against electric rate increase

09.13.2013 – Commentary: Prairie State deal deserves to be investigated

09.04.2013 – Towns pay a high price for power Investing in a massive coal-burning power plant in southern Illinois has saddled some towns with similarly large electricity rates

09.04.2013 – Investing in a massive coal-burning power plant in southern Illinois has saddled some towns with similarly large electricity rates

08.26.2013 – Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency (NIMPA) enacts rate hike due to high costs of Prairie State plant

07.09.2013 – Analysis: Prairie State Power cost skyrockets between January and May 2013

05.08.2013 – Batavia City Council OKs confidentiality agreement for Prairie State

03.06.2013 – As SEC investigates, towns weigh legal options on Prairie State contracts

02.22.2013 – Batavia, IL analysis shows Prairie State costs higher than the market for the next decade


08.30.2012 – Report: Prairie State coal plant power costs nearly double

06.17.2012 – Delays, cost overruns blemish Illinois coal project


June, 2006 – Coal Hard Cash for Peabody?